Why did you sign up for FAB?

We had a concept for the business in mind with strong research to validate the idea, but lacked a clearer value proposition and a go-to market strategy. It became clear that we’d need external advice to go ahead. My co-founder and I have strong ties with Oxford and its community (we are both SBS alumni), and when I read about FAB on the SBS Alumni newsletter, I thought we could give it a shot. I ended up doing FAB concurrently with the VIEW II programme from SBS, which was hectic but fundamental to make the business happen.

What were the main benefits?

The programme is very well structured, in a way that we come out of it with a strong foundation and a higher confidence to pursue our goal – or pivot, if necessary. The network of industry professionals and mentors is invaluable. Exchanging challenges and experiences with current and former peers were also very helpful – and it continues, even after the programme is over. FAB taught us the “formula” to start any business and to have an entrepreneurial mindset, so to any other venture that we start in life, we’ll always apply what we’ve learned there.

How did your business/ideas develop while you were on the programme?

We started off the programme with strong research to validate our idea but lacked a clear value proposition. FAB helped us to turn the table, while also sharing more about all aspects of starting a business. Before the programme, whenever we pitched our idea we’d hear “it’s already a very crowded market”. Once we defined the value proposition, everything became less challenging – yes, because, as an entrepreneur, challenges are a constant!

Where is your business now?

After FAB we developed further the go-to market strategy and defined that Sao Paulo, Brazil would be the best beachhead market (it’s my home country and where alternative weddings are still growing). I was then invited to participate in the VIEW III pilot summer intensive programme in July, and, in November 2017, we launched the business. We are now working on the next phase, which is to gain traction and make the business grow. What we’re learning on a daily basis is that, no matter how long or how much effort it takes to succeed, we already win every time we make small accomplishments – and this alone is worth the entrepreneurial journey.

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