Why did you sign up for FAB?

Even though we were quite far along in the process of starting up our business, we found ourselves losing a bit of momentum and focus. It’s also easy to become quite isolated when starting a new business and we felt we could benefit from a more public forum to discuss our plans and ideas and also be held to account for actually making things happen!

What were the main benefits?

FAB helped us to take a step back and scrutinise every detail of our business concept, enabling us to validate certain assumptions but also to challenge others. It was also a safe place to be able to share ideas and discuss problems , where FAB colleagues could provide honest feedback in an environment that was always positive and supportive. It was always nice to be reminded that you are not alone – that many, many others are on the same path to making their business dreams a reality! Having a pool of experienced mentors, all passionate about seeing others succeed in business, was an invaluable resource.

How did your business/ideas develop while you were on the programme?

The main development for us was refining our all-important business pitch and really being able to get to the heart of what our business was about. We also made some terrific contacts and the exposure at the final pitching event has proved invaluable.

Where is your business now?

When we left FAB, we had nailed our concept and branding and had also generated significant interest from retailers wanting to stock our product. However, we still had outstanding issues regarding supply and production. Six months on, and we have signed a joint venture with a large farming group, which will give us the consistent supply of fruit and veg that we need. We are also about to agree terms with a manufacturer to enable us to outsource production, meet demand and scale the business. It’s taken a long time – so much longer than we thought! But we’ll finally be on the shelves from the end of February!

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