Why did you sign up for FAB?

Structure. Being two twenty two year olds with no prior experience in business, we wanted to be able to have the necessary structure needed to succeed under extenuating circumstances.

What were the main benefits?

The Fab team taught us how to constantly adapt to the obstacles prevalent within start-up culture and, most importantly, to believe in our concept. We arrived as two stubborn individuals, but the team worked incredibly hard with us to stop our preconceived notions of how our business should develop. As soon as we became open minded and listen to theirs and our peers’ words, we started to form a good understanding of how we should proceed to the next level.

Working alongside eleven other interesting businesses, from a whole host of environments, gave us massive inspiration. We were not just learning from the Fab team, or the guest speakers, but from people who were going through the same emotional process as us.

How did your business/ideas develop while you were on the programme?

We underwent a pivot during our time at FAB to become a more socially driven business. Whilst we had always volunteered at the local homeless shelter, we finally had a eureka moment during FAB that has led to being our core mantra, ‘saving people money off food and drink so they can give back a proportion of these savings to those that need it most’.

Finances – again with both of us not coming from a finance background at all, the FAB team worked with us tirelessly to get our finances up to scratch, as well as teaching us to be as frugal as possible, an attribute we are doing well in considering the technological space we’re in.

Where is your business now?

From leaving FAB we now have a fully functioning MVP and are active in over 200 food and drink outlets in the U.K. We have moved the business up to Manchester, and operate here as well as in Liverpool, Cambridge and of course, Oxford. We are currently looking into ways to improve our tech, as well as finding new ways to scale our business to the next level so we can dominate more university cities and become the No1 food and drink discounting platform in the U.K.

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