Why did you sign up for FAB?

As a business owner, I’ve found the most important thing you can do is educate yourself about how to manage and grow your business. My business partner as well had not ever run a business and I felt the course would help him. I was also interested in the experience and wisdom of the instructors.

What were the main benefits?

At the time we took the FAB accelerator, we were looking at different ways we could grow our business. The accelerator helped us to identify products we should keep spending time on and products we should wrap up. The shared experience of weekly meetings with other business owners was also very beneficial, some of whom, I am still friends with over a year later.

How did your business/ideas develop while you were on the programme?

We doubled our turnover and started thinking much bigger. We got the confidence to really go for it and also a lot of experience pitching which came in handy later on.

Where is your business now?

We have now been in business for 3 years. We have helped 84 people gain digital skills, many of whom have now returned to work. We have most recently won the Enterprise Nation Female Startup of the Year 2017. After exploring expansion into London, we have decided to stay in Oxford and build our business locally.

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