Why did you sign up for FAB?

We realised that we lacked the knowledge and experience that we needed in order to pitch to investors.

What were the main benefits?

Feedback and practice on pitching, and a final pitch that was dramatically improved because of all the work that we went through during the “course”. We also used the material and learning for internal teaching sessions. In short, our business was improved by FAB.

How did your business/ideas develop while you were on the programme?

More than anything we were made to FOCUS by FAB. The business changed because we were better able to identify the value that could bring to specific markets with our products and services.

Where is your business now?

We had considerable investment in the business (full SEIS allocation gone) and we’re now looking at EIS funding. We’ve completed the engineering and design of the StreetDrone ONE car and launched it to the world. We’ve sold 3 cars in January and are expecting order of a further 12 in the next 6-8 weeks.

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