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Why did you sign up for FAB?

I signed up with Fab mainly to develop my network within Oxfordshire, and to develop my business further.

What were the main benefits?

The main benefits were:

  • Being able to develop my network
  • Have somewhere where i could focus on developing the business rather than just working in it
  • Having the experience of a financial presentation
  • Getting justification for my idea

How did your business/ideas develop while you were on the programme?

I had no idea how i would grow my business when first starting, I knew whereabouts i wanted to be in three years but had no idea HOW. Fab gave me the plan i needed to get there. I know have a strategy for growth.

Where is your business now?

In a much stronger position. I’m close to being fully booked with my specialised classes, and after that will be seeking investment to franchise.

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