Why did you sign up for FAB?

The reasons for signing up with FAB lies in my history with business. I have run and owned a number of small business’ but unfortunately never been able to crack the £500k revenue mark. I saw FAB as a great opportunity to learn from people who have done it before, work out my weakness and meet like minded people in Oxfordshire.

What were the main benefits?

There were three standout benefits for me. The first was the large network of business owners I now regularly meet. Second was the mentoring program that still continues over a year later. Third was the opportunity to pitch for investment. Which we are very happy to say that this was successful and couldn’t have occurred without the massive help from the FAB team, and in particular Gary.

How did your business/ideas develop while you were on the programme?

I realised the issue I was having with not breaking the £500k barrier was that I didn’t focus enough on one idea, nor did I convey that idea in the right way to enough people. With FAB’s help and continual guidance, we are slowly but surely chipping away at the business until we get the core offering right, which in turn leads to better margins, more profit and higher revenue. The FAB guys will knock you down and build you and your business back up in a much better way.

Where is your business now?

We started FAB only 3 months into the business. We have now been trading 1.5 years and having worked hard on pitching and with FAB’s guidance & help secured £145k SEIS SEED investment. Whilst in FAB our business idea transformed, moulded and refined until the point we felt like we had something we could shout about. It’s been 6 months since the investment; a new website, a new (better) idea, a new team, so we are ready to let sports fans know about Kit Radar.

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