Why did you sign up for FAB?

I joined the FAB Accelerator in January 2017 (in the second cohort) having spent around a year building my business “9-2-3”, which is a recruitment agency that specialises in finding flexible professionals from hard-to-reach sources. (Many of our candidates are mothers seeking to return to the workplace following a career break.)

Working by yourself can be tough, and I was looking for some business guidance, growth ideas and reassurance that my business was viable!

What were the main benefits?

FAB has been completely brilliant. One of the best things has been the mentorship I’ve received, and continue to receive. I’ve been so lucky to meet talented, experienced and successful business people who are prepared to give me the time to help grow and nurture 9-2-3.

The FAB programme takes you through the basics of business and leaves you with a pretty robust business plan, plus the confidence to deliver a strong pitch to potential investors further down the line.

How did your business/ideas develop while you were on the programme?

FAB really helped me focus my business ideas, and set goals in how to achieve them. I was also able to develop the idea for a networking group (The 9-2-3 Club) to run alongside 9-2-3. It was very useful being able to bounce ideas around in a friendly and supportive group, where we all wanted one another to succeed.

Where is your business now?

Since finishing FAB, 9-2-3 has enjoyed continued growth and success – working with a variety of forward-thinking businesses, all looking to recruit experienced professionals on a flexible basis, which has seen turn-over multiply. I’ve also launched The 9-2-3 Club with an event at Westminster – which had backing from MPs and a Minister. Plus I’ve started employing members of staff to join the business.

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